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Before Enlisting

Q: Do I have to use my real name?
A: Most of us do, but you don't have to; however, we would like for you to pick a realistic last name, as long as it's not already used.
e.g. NOT Pvt. Suicidal J3di, instead Frank James is more what we are looking for.

Q: Do I need to have past gaming/realism experience in order to join the 29th?
A: No, we welcome players from all skill levels to join the ranks of the 29th. It's more about the attitude and dedication you show. The 29th will take care of training you.

Q: Does everyone need to go through Basic Combat Training?
A: Yes, every single member of the unit has gone through BCT - all the way up to the commander of the 29th - and every new member needs to complete it as well.

Q: What will I learn in BCT?
A: The basics about realism gaming, the 29th, and the game you choose:  Darkest Hour, Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2, Arma 3.

Q: Do I have to use my in-game name and tag all the time when playing DH?
A: In the 29th servers you must wear your name and tag at all times. Outside of the 29th servers it is not required, but it is recommended, as the 29th tag carries weight and respect.

Q: How long will it take to get my application processed?
A: If you fill out all the information asked, as detailed as possible, it will be accepted or denied within roughly 48 hours.

Q: Can I practice in the Platoon Server when it's empty?
A: No, you're only allowed on the Platoon Server during the times of BCT.

Q: Does the 29th use Teamspeak?
A: Yes, and it is open to the public.  You may find the information here.

Q: How do I get my full name as my in-game name? I can't get my name to fit!
A: Drop down the console, type this command: set input KEY setname Pvt. Lastname [29th 301]
Replace KEY with any key that you wish to bind this command to, replace your name and TP number accordingly. Hit "enter" key, and close console. When You enter the server, hit that binded key, and you will have your full in-game name. For details on this, see this page

During BCT

Remember to read the Cadet Handbook during BCT!

Q: Why can't I connect to the Platoon Server? I've been sitting in a black screen for over 15 mins now and can't attend my first day of BCT!
A: This is due to a name bug in the game. Disconnect from the black screen by pressing Esc or F10, change your in-game name to something short like "Pvt." and reconnect. Still, if you can't connect, contact someone online/in-game from your BCT's steamgroup.

Q: What is a steamgroup?
A: A steamgroup is a community in Steam. Anyone can create one of their own to stay in touch with friends, clanmates, people with the same interests etc. It has features like calendar, announcements, chat room etc.

Q: Where can I find my BCT's steamgroup and what is the purpose of it?
A: The direct link can be found from your enlistment post after a liaison's reply. You'll get notifications about when your BCT starts, you can easily contact your BCT buddies, liaisons, ask for help, anything!

Q: Where can I find the server password and ip?
A: All that information can be found at your enlistment post after a liaison has replied there.

Q: How long is each day of training?
A: About an hour.

Q: If I am the only player from the 29th on our company server, what do I do when someone breaks the rules?
A: Until you graduate, it is not your duty to enforce 29th rules on our servers. You can report troublemakers to your Enlistment Liaison by PM (Private Message) on the forums (nickname, server, time, description of problem).

Q: Can I just use any class available in DH, while being in the 29th?
A: As the rifle is the most common and most effective weapon in the game, all of our incoming soldiers learn its ins-and-outs. After graduating BCT, soldiers are given the opportunity to choose an AIT (Advanced Infantry Training) class such as the Machine Gun, the BAR, the Rifle, the Bazooka, etc. That said, you are restricted to the rifles (and the grenades, etc. that come with the rifle classes) at all times during BCT and until you are told otherwise by your squad leader.
Note: this only counts for the 29th servers. On any other server you are allowed to pick any class you want - but as many have noticed, the rifle isn't that bad a choice of weapon after all.

After BCT

For questions and answers after BCT, read the FM 21-100 or message your squad leader.