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The 29th Infantry Division is a realism unit in the online World War II games, Darkest Hour: Normandy 1944, Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm, and online Modern Conflict game Arma III. Realism is the conducting of a gaming group as close to real combat as possible.

We base our unit off of the US Army during World War II. From there, the rank system, medals and weapons have been based and modified to fit into each game respectively.

When you enlist, you start as a Private and enter basic training for a week, where you are trained and pounded into place by drill sergeants as they make you "29th Material".

We have several servers, as listed on the left hand side of this page, where we play publicly and host realism scrimmages.

If you are looking to enter a new aspect of online gaming, have fun, and learn a lot about the US military system, enlist with the 29th Infantry Division.

For more visit www.29th.org