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Radio Details

SR = Short Range

LR = Long Range

Faction Radio Type Freq. Range Transition Distance
Bluefor/NATO AN/PRC-152 (SR) 30-512 Mhz 5 km
RT-1523G (ASIP) (LR) 30-87 Mhz 20 km (30 in vehicle)
Greenfor/Independent AN/PRC148-JEM (SR) 30-512 Mhz 5 km
AN/PRC-155 (LR) 30-87 Mhz 20 km (30 in vehicle)
Opfor/CSAT FADAK (SR) 30-512 Mhz 5 km
MR3000 (LR) 30-87 Mhz 20 km (30 in vehicle)

Callsigns and Frequencies

Battalion HQ

Call Sign Assignment Unit SR Freq. LR Freq.
Duckie Actual BN CO BNHQ 30.5 30
Beaver BN XO BNHQ 30.5 30
Platypus BN Sergeant BNHQ 30.5 30

Charlie Company HQ

Call Sign Assignment Unit SR Freq. LR Freq.
Charlie Company HQ Co.HQ 30.5 30
Charlie 6 CO Co.HQ 30.5 30
Charlie 7 Senior NCO Co.HQ 30.5 30

Charlie Platoon One

Call Sign Assignment Unit SR Freq. LR Freq.
Charlie 1 CP1HQ(any) CP1HQ 31 30
Charlie 1-6 Plt. Ldr. CP1HQ 31 30
Charlie 1-7 Plt. Sgt. CP1HQ 31 30
Charlie 1-1 SL or Squad CP1S1 31.1 30
Charlie 1-2 SL or Squad CP1S2 31.2 30
Charlie 1-3 CP1S3 Co.HQ 31.3 30

Charlie Platoon Two

Call Sign Assignment Unit SR Freq. LR Freq.
Charlie 2 CP2HQ(any) CP2HQ 32 30
Charlie 2-6 Plt. Ldr. CP2HQ 32 30
Charlie 2-7 Plt. Sgt. CP2HQ 32 30
Charlie 2-1 SL or Squad CP2S1 32.1 30
Charlie 2-2 SL or Squad CP2S2 32.2 30
Charlie 2-3 CP2S3 Co.HQ 32.3 30

Vehicles and Aircraft

Unit Type Call Sign SR Freq. LR Freq.
Fixed Wing Transport Moose 35 30
Fixed Wing CAP Atlas 35 30
Rotatory Wing Transport Nomad 35 30
Light Rotatory,Attack Sabre 35 30
Rotatory Wing Attack Raven 35 30
Tank Rhino 35 30
IFV Camel 35 30
Armoured Personnel Carrier Chevy 35 30
Artillery Field or Tracked Thunder 35 30


Vehicle Call Signs are subject to change due to Warno, Drill brief, Mission Plan or at Drill Leaders discretion.


Call Sign word
Company Code Name
First Numeral
Platoon (1 or 2) or (6 or 7)
Second Numeral
Squad Number (1, 2 or 3)
  • The Numeral 6 equals Unit Leader (Platoon or Company level only)
  • The Numeral 7 equals NCO (Platoon Sergeant or Company Sergeant)

Designations Charlie, Charlie 1 and Charlie 2 are designations for units, not individuals. Charlie is Company HQ, Charlie 1 is CP1 HQ and Charlie 2 is CP2 HQ. If these are called, one of the HQ members will respond. In a sense this also goes for squad Call Signs. Example: "Charlie 2-2" is the Squad Leader of CP2S2, but can also be used as a Call Sign for the squad, "Move Charlie 2-2 to the left and hold position east of town". It is even possible to hear it used as part of a call from HQ, "Get Charlie 2-2's AT up here"!

"Actual" is the active commander. Each Squad, Platoon and Company has an "Actual", but at squad level the term is usually saved for clarification during a change of command. "Charlie Actual" would be acting company leader, "Charlie 1 Actual" would be acting CP1 leader and "Charlie 2-3 Actual" would be acting CP2S3 Leader. It is possible for a individual to answer to multiple names.

  • Company Leader should normally be called Charlie Actual, Charlie 6 when not in command.
  • Company Sergeant should be referred to as Charlie 7, unless responding to a "Charlie"(Company HQ) call. Company Sergeant would be Charlie Actual in the event of the Company Leaders absence.
  • Platoon Leaders should be called Charlie 1 Actual or Charlie 2 Actual, or Charlie 1-6,1-7 when not in command.
  • Platoon Sergeant should be referred to as Charlie 1-7 or 2-7, unless responding to a "Charlie 1 or 2"(Platoon HQ) call. Platoon Sergeant would be Charlie 1 or 2 Actual in the event of the Platoon Leaders absence.
  • Squad Leaders are called by their squads name, and should be the one responding normally when their squad is called.
  • Also be aware HQ members who are assigned to squads will should respond to their assignments name, not their normal Call Sign. Example: FSgt. is assigned to CP2S1 as a Automatic Rifleman(AR), he would respond to "Charlie 2-1's AR". The exception to this is when that FSgt. is called for duties that pertain to his roll as Co. Sergeant.