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There a four options to choose from when selecting the difficulty of a mission from the mission selection screen (#missions).

  • Recruit
  • Regular
  • Veteran
  • Custom

Recruit, Regular, and Veteran are all hard coded. Specific options cannot be altered. Custom can be altered to taste and is set via the server profile: server.ArmA3Profile. Custom can also be forced via the server configuration file.

Difficulty Settings Descriptions

  1. Reduced Damage
    • Decreases damage dealt to the player and members of his group.
  2. AI Level - If you are not using AI this can be ignored.
    • Skill is how smart the AI is and equates to finding cover, leaving cover, returning fire, throwing smoke, burst/full auto v. single fire, fleeing, advancing. 1.00 = 100%
    • Precision is how accurate the AI’s shots are.1.00 = 100%
  3. Group Indicators
    • Shows indication icons on units in player’s group.
  4. Friendly Name Tags
    • Friendly unit identification. Works only when the player aims at a unit.
  5. Enemy Name Tags
    • Enemy unit identification. Works only when the player aims at a unit.
  6. Detected Mines
    • Shows icons indicating exact positions of mines. show = display the indicators on mines at 200m and closer.
  7. Commands
    • Displays command icons like target markers, get in command and others.
  8. Waypoints
    • Manages visibility of waypoint markers.
  1. Weapon Info
    • Shows Weapon Info box (contains round and magazine count, firing mode, etc.).
  2. Stance Indicator
    • Displays stance indication (contains actual stance, weapon resting and deployment).
  3. Stamina Bar
    • Manages visibility of stamina indicator. true = fades in when stamina changes.
  4. Crosshair
    • Shows weapon crosshair both in 1st and 3rd person view.
  5. Vision Aid
    • Shaded Circle on the perimeter edge of screen. Helps to detect units in visual range and identify friend from foe.
  6. Third Person View
    • Enables camera switching to 3rd person view.
  7. Camera Shake
    • Shakes camera if player is near explosion, passing vehicle or if player’s vehicle is under G-load.
  8. Score Table
    • Displays table with kills, deaths and overall score in multiplayer.
  9. Killed By
    • Death messages. Shows in chat window who killed the player.
  1. VON ID
    • Indicates who is speaking through VON communication.
  2. Extended Map Content
    • Shows friendly units, enemy units and detected mines on the map.
  3. Automatic Reporting
    • Enables automatic reporting of various situations by the player.
  4. Multiple Saves - Not used in MP
    • Allows player to create multiple saves in a mission.

Hard-coded Difficulty Settings
Recruit Regular Veteran
AI Levels Low Normal High
Reduced Damage On Off Off
Group Indicators On On (Fade) Off
Friendly Tags On On (Fade) Off
Enemy Tags On On (Fade) Off
Detected Mines On On (Fade) Off
Commands On On (Fade) On (Fade)
Waypoints On On On (Fade)
Weapon Info On On On (Fade)
Stance Indicator On On On (Fade)
Stamina Bar On (Fade) On (Fade) Off
Weapon Cross-hair On On Off
Vision Aid On Off Off
Squad Radar 1.63 On On Off
Third Person View On On Off
Camera Shake On On On
Score Table On On On
Death Messages On On On
Von ID On On On
Map Content On On Off
Auto Report On On Off
Multiple Saves SP Only On On Off