Installing the Arma 3 Tools

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What you'll need

  • Steam
  • A Steam account
  • Working internet connection

What can the tools do?

- List to full page of functions - Manual

How to install and configure

How to install the tools

To install the Arma 3 Tools, you need to navigate to the steam store page of the tools and press install. From there you simply sit back and wait until it is finished and you're good to move on to the configuration.

Don't forget to log in on the steam site!

How to configure the tools (Step-by-step)

1) Open the Arma 3 Tools by navigating to the steam library. From here you should go to "tools" and then press on "Arma 3 Tools" and press play.

2) Navigate to the left bottom corner under "Other" and select "Project Drive Management"

3) Select "Install Bulldozer" and click run. This can take a while.

4) Followed after the installation is complete, tick "Mount the work drive (P)" and hit run again.

5) Now if you go to "My computer", you should see that you have a new drive called "P:"

6) If this all works fine, go back to the "Project Drive Management" option and select "Extract Game Data". This takes quite some time.

Important Notes

Every time you restart your PC you need to press the "Mount the Project Drive" button on the main menu of the tools.

If you encounter any errors that say that the Arma 3 game folder cannot be found, simply go to "Preferences" then "Options" and tick off "Default" and guide the program to your Arma 3 game folder.