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Written by PFC Warner c.2016
Edited by T/5 Vonk 15-OCT-2017

Friend your Squad Leadership on Steam.

If you have any questions or concerns you should talk to your Squad Leader (SL) and Assistant Squad Leader (ASL) first; this is called the Chain of Command (CoC), and it should be followed very strictly. Please, do not go above them to platoon leadership or company headquarters - this is what they are here for. Click on your squad in the list below to go to the squad's personnel page.

Click on your Squad (below) then click on the Squad Leader and/or Asst. Squad Leader to navigate to their personnel file. Click on their Steam ID to go to their Steam profile and add them as your friend on Steam.

Download and install the mods you will need to play on our server.

The Server Mod List can be found here. These mods will be needed to take part in all drills, so it is imperative that you download, install and test them in server to be sure you are ready for your first drill. The mods are several gigabytes in size, so do not wait until you are coming up on drill time to download them as they make take anywhere from 30 to 120minutes based on internet connection. You can find step by step instructions on how to install your mods here. This step can be tricky, so take your time and read everything.

Complete the ARMA 3 Naming Convention (Squad XML).

Review this link and follow the directions. Completing this will allow our servers to recognize you as a member of the 29th. It is a simple task but very important. The devil is in the details. Be sure to check the 29th ID Arma 3 ORBAT as well to ensure your information is correct.

Create your Standard Uniform Loadouts.

The Uniform Loadouts that we use in Charlie are custom and they utilize several of the mods required on our servers. So if you are at this step and have not downloaded and installed your mods yet, go back and do that first. Once you can get into our server, Loadout specifications and instructions can be found here. Try to have these saved and ready to go for your first drill.

Learn and remember your drill times.

We meet 3 times a week for drills. A calendar listing all 29th drills can be found here. The times on the calendar are listed in Eastern Time (EST or EDT). A handy Time Converter is available on the right sidebar of your profile page. Any changes to your schedule will be passed to you through your Squad Leadership and will be notated on the calendar. You are usually welcome and encouraged to "guest" at other Charlie Company squad and platoon drills; just check with the person running the drill prior to joining.

Squad Drills

This is where the squad comes together to train.

Squad Day Time ET Time UTC
CP1S1 Tuesday 21:00 01:00 (Wed)
CP1S2 Wednesday 22:00 02:00 (Thu)
CP1S3 Monday 21:00 01:00 (Tue)
CP2S1 Saturday 15:00 19:00
CP2S2 Thursday 15:00 19:00
CP2S3 Wednesday 15:00 19:00

Platoon Drills

This is where all squads in the platoon comes together to train.

Platoon Day Time ET Time UTC
CP1 Thursday 21:00 02:00 (Fri)
CP2 Sunday 15:00 20:00

Company Drills

This is where Charlie Company comes together to train.

  • Sunday 16:00 ET / 21:00 UTC

Learn how to post a Leave of Absence (LoA)

Now this may be the most important task of all; how to Post an absence for a drill (All drills: Platoon drills, Squad Drills, or Company Drills):

  • Click on Personnel in the header bar the in the Forums
  • Click on Calendar in the drop down menu that appears
  • Click on the drill that you won't be attending
  • Click on Post LOA

That's it. You're done. Remember if you fail to post an absence 24 hours after the drill you will receive an attendance demerit. If you get 3 or more demerits you will be deemed AWOL and Discharged from the unit.

Check the forums daily if not more.

All 29th related news about upcoming operations and communications with Squad Leadership takes place here. Check back with the Operations board often to get the latest updates on the next deployment. If you don't know about it, you can't go. The more active you are in within the community, the more fun you will have.

Reply to your Welcome Letter

After going through this Task List, go back to your welcome letter and reply with Understood so we know that you have read through this thread and are ready for your first drill.

You now have all the information you need to be an active, productive member of the 29th and Charlie Company. We look forward to meeting you at our next drill. Below you will find the Server Names and IP addresses used by Charlie Company. Public servers are _Vanilla_, meaning they **do not need mods.** If you have any further inquiries, contact your Squad Leader or Asst. Squad leader and refer to the 29th ID Handbook, the 29th ID Wiki, and the Arma 3 Info Bank.

Server Names and IP Addresses

Server Name IP:Port Public/Private
29th Infantry Division [Company Server] Private (PW: 29tha3)
29th Infantry Division [Platoon Server] Private (PW: 29tha3)
29th Infantry Division [Battalion Server] Public
29th Infantry Division [WWII Server] Public
29th Infantry Division [Exile Server] Public