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Bohemia Interactive released the Arma 3 Launcher with the 1.24 (Bootcamp) game update. This Launcher will start automatically when launching arma 3 in steam. The Arma 3 Launcher allows you to arrange mods on your computer into presets and to launch into the game and servers running those presets. The Arma 3 Launcher is also directly connected to the Arma 3 Steam Workshop allowing you to download and update mods which are running on servers you want to join if the mods are offered on the Steam Workshop. Detailed information from the game developer about the Arma 3 Launcher can be found in the BIS Wiki.

In this section we will be covering Arma 3's default launcher setup and mod preset creation. You can also find this guide in the Ordnance Office


If you have not already downloaded the required mods by subscribing to the Official 29th ID Arma 3 Steam Workshop collection, please do so now.


Open ARMA 3 from your Steam games library. When you fire up the game through Steam, it will bring up the Arma 3 Launcher.


Launcher Options

At the top right of the launcher window you will find the word OPTIONS next to a gear icon; click that. Then click: Launcher Options.

From here you can select:

  • Default language preference,
  • Launcher action after game start,
    • As the launcher does use a nontrivial amount of resources, we recommend selecting Close launcher after clicking play.
  • Default page upon launcher start,
    • We recommend the selecting either of Mods or Servers selections.
  • Theme,
  • Weather to allow analytics to be pushed to the game developers, and
  • Legacy compatibility settings which you likely will never need.

Mod Options

This options section allows you to tell the launcher where to look in your folders for custom mods or mods otherwise downloaded from a source that is not the Steam Workshop.


We do not use any custom mods not found on the Steam Workshop. It would be exceedingly rare for us to ask you to use this section during your time in the 29th for 29th events or functions.


From the menu on the left click on PARAMETERS, here we can see a list tree of several different sections and options within. Hovering your mouse cursor over the specific option item will display a tool tip with a description of the parameter's function.


Detailed information regarding the launcher parameters can be found on the BI Community Wiki at Arma 3 Launcher.


Here we can make a few selections which will speed up the loading process and get us in game faster. Check the boxes for

  • No Splash
  • Skip Intro


The only option we recommend as a universally set option is to enable the World option (check-box) and select 'Empty World' from the drop down list. This will expedite loading.


Detailed descriptions of each of the advanced options can be found on the BI Community Wiki at Arma 3 Launcher: Advanced Parameters. If you are interested in adjusting any of the advanced options you do so at your own risk; be sure to read the documentation first!


You are not required to set anything in these sections for operations within the 29th ID.


You are not required to set anything in these sections for operations within the 29th ID.


We recommend enabling the No Pause option.


You are not required to set anything in these sections for operations within the 29th ID.

Creating A Mods Preset


You should have already subscribed and downloaded the required mods via the Steam Workshop. If you have not do so now: Official 29th ID Arma 3 Steam Workshop collection.

Click the MODS tab on the left menu. The display is separated into two sections; Loaded mods at the top and Available mods below. Two create a 29th ID drill mod preset you will need to check every required mod we use for our drills. Information regarding current mods can be found in the Ordnance Office.

The Arma 3 Launcher MODS window lists every mod that is available to you and will have a small white box next to it. Click the box to activate the mod.

Once you have enabled all of the required and any client side (optional) mods you wish to use, look to the top of the launcher where it says PRESET, next to it you should see a drop down arrow. Click the arrow to open the preset management window where you can save, load or select a preset whenever you choose. Save this preset, name it 29th Drills.

Launching With Mods Enabled

Launch Using Saved Mods Preset

Click the MODS tab and then click on the PRESET button on the top right. Select the saved preset you created in the previous step. The preset will be moved to the Loaded mods section. Click the PLAY button on the bottom left.

Once the game has launched select the in-game server browser, locate the drill server and connect.

Launching Using The SERVERS Tab

  • Click the MODS tab then click the Unload all button.
  • Click on the SERVERS tab.
  • Click the INTERNET button at the top.
  • Click on the Filters text field and type in 29th. The 29th servers should appear. Sometimes this may take a minute or two as the server list is populated.
  • Click on the drill server you want to join. Then, from the expanded information view that opens, click the More details... button in the mods section.

The detailed view of a list of mods currently required and allowed will be displayed. From here the suggested action will be displayed to the right of the mod name. By default, when the mod is available because you have already downloaded it, the launcher will automatically have selected the option to Load 'MOD NAME' from library.

  • Scroll through the list of required mods to the suggested and optional mods and select the action to load any of the optional mods.
  • After verifying the launcher is selecting the correct mods click the SETUP DLCS AND MODS AND JOIN button.