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Written by Cpl. Meyberg

Key Overview

RadioGuide 0.png The AN/PRC-152 is the standard SHORT RANGE radio utilized by Squad Leaders, Team Leaders, Riflemen, and Command/Platoon Staff in most cases.

Step 1: Open your Radio

RadioGuide 1.jpg First of all open up your Radio. By default you can do this with CTRL+P.

Step 2: Clear the radio frequency

RadioGuide 2.jpg Click the CRL button on your radio, this will clear the current radio frequency.

Step 3: Program the radio frequency

RadioGuide 3.jpg Now click on the number buttons on the radio or use your keyboard to select the right frequency. When the right frequency is in the Yellow screen click ENT to set the frequency.

If you do not need to set additional channel close your radio using ESC on your keyboard.

And you can now talk on the set frequency using Caps Lock

Step 4: Change to Different Channel

RadioGuide 4.jpg To setup an additional channel you will first need to set another channel to the right frequency for additional. To do this you first change radio channels using the PRE + or PRE -.

Step 5: Change the frequency of additional channel

RadioGuide 5.jpg Now change the frequency as learned in step 2 and 3 of this guide.

Step 6: Marking a radio channel as additional

RadioGuide 6.jpg To mark a channel a additional channel you need to click the Left Arrow key on your radio.

Step 7: Change back to your main channel

RadioGuide 7.jpg

Now move the LCD screen back to your main channel using the PRE + or PRE - keys. If you do not move back to the main channel your radio takes your additional channel as Main.

To talk in your additional channel press and hold T on your keyboard.

You can change the ear you hear the different channels on with CTRL + [← ↑ →]. This will only change the currently selected Radio channel.