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Check that the TFAR Teamspeak plugin has been installed

To do so, open Tools -> Options -> Addons -> Plugins tab. Find ‘Task Force Arma 3 Radio’ and make sure it says enabled; if it says disabled then click that button to enable.

If Task Force Arma 3 Radio is not present as a Plugin then proceed below.

Manual Install of TFAR Teamspeak 3 plugin

Alternatively, you can navigate to your Steam Workshop TFAR download folder and run the plugin installer from there.

  • \Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\107410\620019431\teamspeak

While in Teamspeak, click on your name and look to the information bar to the right. Under Channel Group and above your avatar (if you have one), you should see the following:

Task Force Radio Status (current version): Connected N Play N P: (current version) A:

If it shows the above, and you have followed the previous steps, you are ready to play! To test it, launch the game and join the a 29th server. Once in the server, you should hear a beep. As a final test, press 'Caps Lock' and look for a Radio to appear with a Transmitting message in the bottom right of your screen. If you encounter any problems refer to the Troubleshooting section.

General Setup

  1. You can not use your CapsLock key as a PTT key in TeamSpeak.
  2. You must change the in-game Voice Over Network key from CapsLock to something else.
  3. In TeamSpeak open Tools -> Options -> Addons -> Plugins tab
    1. Check the box to enable the TFAR plugin
    2. Disable any other radio plugins i.e. ACRE.
    3. Click the Reload All button.
  4. Check that the volume of alerts in TeamSpaek to a positive value Options->Playback->Sound Pack Volume.
  5. Restart TeamSpeak
  • If you’ve got the same nick both in the game profile and TeamSpeak - plugin will change your nickname in TS during the game.
  • Make sure your game nickname contains at least 3 characters and doesn't contain @.
  • It is not recommended to use the plugin with simultaneous connection to multiple servers in TeamSpeak.
  • It is recommended to disable the TeamSpeak built-in alert sounds: Options> Notifications> Sound Pack: "Sounds Deactivated". To use this option, restart TeamSpeak.