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The 29th Infantry Division is a realism unit spread throughout multiple games in multiple time periods. Each game is supported separately by different companies while serving under the same Battalion so that all games and soldiers function individually and as all whole.





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What is the 29th ID?
More than anything, the 29th Infantry Division is a realism unit with a history stretching back all the way to the original Day of Defeat. Over the span of nearly two decades the unit has spread from one game to the next, diversifying and growing in size and scope with every passing year. As one of the premier realism units in all three games we currently inhabit, the 29th strives to conduct itself in a professional and organized manner while maintaining a strong, tight-knit community.

Among the astute and the knowledgeable, the 29th Infantry Division can be recognized as a historical and contemporary unit of the United States Army and Army Reserve dating back to World War I. Our incarnation takes the form reminiscent of the 29th of World War II and, accordingly, a number of ranks, traditions, and awards are inherited from this intentional lineage. As such, much of the unit's organization is based around these World War II equivalents despite the more modern settings of the games we currently have Companies in.

Upon enlistment, recruits will enter basic training for a period of five consecutive days where knowledgeable and effective Drill Instructors will mold their charges into the ideal 29ther. Upon proving oneself adequate as "29th Material" and passing the 29th BCT course, a new recruit will be promoted to the rank of Private and be assigned to a squad to begin their career within the 29th.

Each 29th member will be expected to attend two mandatory drills, assigned to them on a permanent basis based on their squad and platoon assignments, within the game that their Company belongs. Public servers can be found in each game, open to both 29th members and to the public.

If even an instant of increased blood pressure or racing heart beat occured upon reading any of the above, then you have heard the call of the 29th. Stall no longer, brave patriot, and enlist in the 29th Infantry Division today!

  What is Realism?  

To those not in the know, Realism (particularly within the 29th) is the community practice of teamwork-oriented gameplay mixed with a desire to strive towards emulation of historical military traditions. Spawning from an uptick of more realistic (for the time) shooters back at the turn of the millenium, realism functions radically different from the "death match" style of play more regularly seen in games. In Realism style play, an individual soldier's life matters and the ability to sway the game isn't based on the highest K/D but which team operates the most effectively together in a tactic-necessitating scenario. In a game where dead men don't speak and there is no respawn timer waiting for you after death to herald your return, realism finds its place. If this intense style of gameplay experience has you biting at the bit, realism may well be for you.

Unlike an ordinary pub session in any server of your choice, Realism must be prepared for. Rather than rushing B when the timer comes up at the start of a map, realism requires organizers to put together complex scenarios with potentially multiple objectives and assets all being intertwined. Following this period of preparation, individual units (such as squads and platoons) must prepare plans and tactics to face up to the coming storm. As such, team leaders will develop plans of attack and disseminate them to command elements lower down on the chain of command. Certain AITs will be made available, assets like armored vehicles will be doled out, and positions will be taken in preparation for the match ahead. In this style of play even a rifleman has a vital part to play in the grand strategy about to commence. In realism, there is no room for useless team members.

Battle Commences
When LIVE is called and the round begins, firefights can immediately break out. Whether encountered directly outside of your starting point or after the convoy entered the area of operation, bombs and bullets will start flying eventually. This is when the real heat of realism kicks in; remember, each soldiers has one life and dead men tell no tales. With adrenaline pumping through their veins, squads will push up to engage with the enemy or dig into their defensive positions. It is during this flash of early engagements where battles can be decided as team leaders move elements to respond to each new arriving threat and on the ground each soldier reacts to the ever changing tides of the fighting. With solid lines of communication and teamwork, however, just about any threat can be overcome.

Objective Secured
As the round goes on one can expect to make a beeline for their squad's intended objective. Whether it be the elimination or retrieval of a VIP, the destruction of an enemy armored asset, or the removal of all OpFor in the area of operation, that objective MUST be secured. Team leadership and squad leadership will work in concert, directing what remains of their initial attacks and changing up their plans on the fly to complete these objectives. It is here when the ground pounders truly shine as no plan survives contact with the enemy and the actions of a single rifleman can single handedly snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

  Our Training System  

When a recruit is first accepted into the Basic Combat Training program they find themselves assigned to a Training Platoon to be instructed by staff from the Company they intend to join. Upon completion and successful passing of BCT a new recruit will find themselves promoted to the rank of Private and assigned the Rifleman AIT.

Just as the old addage goes where every Marine is a rifleman, so too can the same be said about the 29th Infantry Division despite our US Army heritage. Each 29ther is expected to become skilled with the rifle above all other weapons and as such, a focus is put on training with the rifle. Until such time as they have proven themselves as adequate marksmen, the humble rifle shall be the bread and butter of any Private's arsenal.

Upon attaining the first of three Arms Qualification Badges with their rifle, members of the 29th may opt to (if their given squad has the availability) take on an additional AIT and begin training with the new weapon. Just as with the rifle, the soldier will become well versed with the weapon, acquiring their Marksman Badge, Sharpshooter Badge, and potentially even the vaunted Expert Badge. Official, unit-wide criteria for these advancements make sure that every 29ther holding a badge for their AIT truly fit the bill and make the 29th equal or greater to any other unit in the field.

Training schools for all infantry skills ranging from rifles to machine guns to anti-tank weapons can be attended as well. These skill courses are taught only by the finest representatives of the given AIT and are chalked full of skills and knowledge that can turn even the dullest private into a deadly weapon of precission and destruction. With enough time and effort, even the lowliest private can rise up to be instructors in the very schools they attended in their early career.

Remember, prospective 29thers, that the 29th recruits not for skill or ability but for willingness to learn and dedication to strive towards the ethics of the unit; after all, skills can be taught but dedication must be your entirely your own.

  Our Rank System  

All members of the 29th Infantry Division, 116th Regiment, 1st Battalion, have the opportunity of advancing throughout the battalion. You start out as a Private undergoing Basic Training for an entire week. If you show exceptional skills as a Private, you may be promoted to a higher rank in our chain of command.

"29th Infantry Division" serves as a title of this realism unit. In size, we are a Battalion within the Division. US Army units are composed as follows:

Divisions are made up of Regiments, which are made up of Battalions, which are made up of Companies, which are made up of Platoons, which are made up of Squads.


Lieutenant Colonel (Lt.Col.)

The Lieutenant Colonel commands the entire Battalion, and is also referred to as the Commanding Officer, or CO, and does not lead a company, but is the highest rank in the Battalion HQ.

Major (Maj.)

The Major is usually the Executive Officer of the Battalion, but can be the Commanding Officer in absence of a Lieutenant Colonel.

Captain (Cpt.)

The Captain commands a Company, and is also referred to as the Company's Commanding Officer (CO). He does not lead a platoon, but is the highest rank in the Company HQ.

First Lieutenant (1Lt.)

Usually the Executive Officer (XO) of the company, the First Lieutenant is second in command and executes orders from the Captain, but can be the Commanding Officer in absence of a Captain, or can lead a platoon if necessary.

Second Lieutenant (2Lt.)

The entry-level Officer rank, who typically leads a platoon under the Company HQ's command.

Warrant Officers

Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CW5)

Chief Warrant Officer 5 fills the role of a Battalion Commander by someone who is typically in lieu of a Lieutenant Colonel.

Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4)

Chief Warrant Officer 4 fills the role of a Battalion Executive Officer by someone who is typically in lieu of a Major.

Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CW3)

Chief Warrant Officer 3 fills the role of a Company Commander by someone who is typically in lieu of a Captain.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 (CW2)

Chief Warrant Officer 2 fills the role of an Company Executive Officer by someone who is typically in lieu of a 1st Lieutenent.

Warrant Officer 1 (WO1)

Warrant Officer 1 fills the role of a Platoon Leader by someone who is typically in lieu of a 2nd Lieutenent.

Non-Commissioned Officers

Master Sergeant (MSgt.)

Typically found only once in a battalion, and assists in the Battalion HQ. Also fulfilling the job of a First Sergeant, the Master Sergeant can assist in running a company.

First Sergeant (FSgt.)

A key advisor to the Commander, the First Sergeant is often the most respected member of the company, and known as the "Company Boss." Helps run the company by dispatching leadership training and has much experience under his belt.

Technical Sergeant (TSgt.)

A Technical Sergeant is a seasoned leader who typically serves as platoon sergeant, and can hold a Company HQ position. The key advisor to the platoon leader.

Staff Sergeant (SSgt.)

A Staff Sergeant has many of the same responsibilities as a Sergeant, but has even more exceptional leadership skills which come natural to him. Often has sergeants working under him and can lead a large squad or platoon.

Technician, 3rd Grade (T/3)

Equivelant to Staff Sergeant, this enlisted soldier specializes in a certain area, such as head of a particular office in Headquarters Support Staff, Clerical Work, or even a highly proven Combat Engineer.

Sergeant (Sgt.)

A Sergeant is a proven Corporal who is placed in charge of a squad and is in charge of his squad's discipline, appearance, and organization. Sergeants call practices and drills for their squad when necessary.

Technician, 4th Grade (T/4)

Equivelant to Sergeant, this enlisted soldier is a proven specialist at a particular area, and often is in charge of training other specialists under him.

Corporal (Cpl.)

The entry-level NCO rank, a corporal is a PFC who has proven himself in Leadership training and is capable of leading other soldiers. A Corporal is usually an Assistant Squad Leader, but can also lead squads if necessary. Usually does not discipline the men as much as a higher NCO, but acts as a team leader.

Technician, 5th Grade (T/5)

Equivelant to Corporal, a T/5 has been qualified to specialize in a certain area, such as clerical or office work, or combat engineer weapons.


Private, First Class (PFC)

This rank is awarded to Privates who have become valuable to the Squad Leaders. They assist in drills, showing other Privates the ropes, and are next in line for leadership positions.

Private (Pvt.)

Once cadets graduate basic combat training, they receive the 29th ID shoulder patch and serve to carry out orders to the best of their ability.

Chain of Command

  Medals & Awards  

All members of the 29th Infantry Division, 116th Regiment, 1st Battalion, have the opportunity of advancing throughout the battalion. You start out as a Private undergoing Basic Training for an entire week. If you show exceptional skills as a Private, you may be promoted to a higher rank in our chain of command.

Individual Medals

Distinguished Service Cross

Exceptional in every regard. The highest honor attainable in the 29th Infantry Division

Distinguished Service Medal

Awarded to soldiers who have carried out duty successfully and responsibly. Contributing not only what is expected in the 29th, but who has made contributions above and beyond the expectations of any member in the 29th.

Silver Star

This soldier has demonstrated perfect performance whilst engaging with the enemy, that not only single-handedly secured victory for his team, but demonstrated the core principles of being an effective soldier in the 29th Infantry Division. This medal is only awarded when the soldier's game-play was at a level of the highest calibre.

Soldier's Medal

This soldier's extensive preparation during practice or drills prior to a scrimmage or drill prevented casualties by providing vital intelligence or training for his team.

Bronze Star

This soldier has demonstrated exemplary performance while engaging the enemy in a realism scrimmage. While not single handedly securing victory, his actions must have been of significance.

Army Commendation Medal

This soldier has maintained composure and made an effective contribution towards his teams victory without necessarily engaging the enemy. This award is for actions of significance not covered by a Bronze or Silver Star.

Purple Heart

This soldier has selflessly put him self in peril to successfully aid his comrades and in doing so was wounded or killed.

Legion of Merit

Awarded for leading and winning an Official Scrimmage.

Good Conduct Medal

In addition to performing his duties with a clean record of discipline and exemplary attendance, this soldier's positive attitude and involvement in 29th related activities, other than his drills or staff commitments, has benefited the unit.

American Defense Service Medal

Soldier has graduated the 29th ID's Basic Training program

American Campaign Medal

Awarded for exemplary leadership on or off the battlefield.

Army NCO Professional Development Ribbon

This soldier has passed through a Squad Leader Training Program.

European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal

Only awarded to the participants that win an attack round of an official scrimmage.

Defense Meritorious Service Medal

Only awarded to the participants that win a defense round of an official scrimmage.

World War II (WWII) Victory Medal

Only awarded to the participants that win every round of a multi-round official scrimmage. Awarding of this medal supercedes the awarding of the African European Middle-Eastern Campaign Medal and the Defence Meritorious Service Medal Ribbon.

Army of Occupation Medal

Served six months of service in the 29th Infantry Division

French Croix de Guerre Medal

Awarded for leadership contributions that greatly benefit the Battalion as a whole.

Proficiency Badges

Marksman Badge

Proven proficient use of the Rifle, Automatic Rifle, or Machine Gun - Allows use of certain weapons

Sharpshooter Badge

Consistent skill demonstration with special weapon, or steady use and success with the Rifle

Expert Shooting Badge

Exemplary skill demonstration with special weapon, or near perfect use and success with the Rifle with ability to teach weapon tactics

Identification Badges

Recruiter Badge

This will be awarded by the Commanding Officer, based upon reports from the Recruitment Officer, to a member of the 29th Infantry Division who has successfully shown consitency as being one of the top recruiters for over a month.

Drill Sergeant Badge

Unit Drill Sergeant

Combat Badges

Expert Infantry Badge

Awarded to men who prove themselves experts in all aspects of Infantry and is required for soldiers to participate in combat.

Combat Infantry Badge, 1st Award

Awarded to a soldier after their 1st scrimmage with another realism unit.

Combat Infantry Badge, 2nd Award

Awarded to a soldier after their 3rd scrimmage with another realism unit.

Combat Infantry Badge, 3rd Award

Awarded to a soldier after their 5th scrimmage with another realism unit.

Combat Action Badge, 1st Award

This will be awarded by the Recruitment Officer, to a member of the 29th Infantry Division who has successfully recruited 3 recruits for that week's Training Platoon.

Combat Action Badge, 2nd Award

This will be awarded by the Recruitment Officer, to a member of the 29th Infantry Division who has successfully recruited 5 recruits for that week's Training Platoon.

Combat Action Badge, 3rd Award

This will be awarded by the Recruitment Officer, to a member of the 29th Infantry Division who has successfully recruited 10 recruits for that week's Training Platoon.

Combat Action Badge, 4th Award

This will be awarded by the Recruitment Officer, to a member of the 29th Infantry Division who has successfully recruited 20 recruits for that week's Training Platoon.

Combat Unit Citations

The Trenches Unit Participation

Participated in The Trenches Unit campaign

Battlegrounds Unit Participation

Participated in the Battlegrounds Unit campaign

Day of Defeat Unit Participation

Participated in the Day of Defeat Unit campaign

Darkest Hour Unit Participation

Participated in the Darkest Hour Unit campaign

Arma 3 Unit Participation

Participated in the Arma 3 Unit campaign

Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm Unit Participation

Participated in the Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm Unit campaign

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Unit Participation

Participated in the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Unit campaign

Squad Unit Participation

Participated in the Squad Unit campaign

Meritorious Unit Citation

Most exemplary and skilled squad in the company (Transfers every month)

Superior Unit Citation

Squad excels among all squads at a platoon level. Platoon HQ can award two Superior Citations a year (reviewed every six months).

  Historical 29th  

June 6, 1944

6:30 AM

Normandy, France

Omaha Beach

The first wave of the Allied invasion of Europe hits France’s northern shores, and are met with unexpectedly harsh resistance. Maschinengewehr-42s rip the air, sending more than 1200 rounds per minute toward the Allies. Blasts from German mortars and artillery create a deafening thunder across the sandy battlefield. And at the spearhead of the invasion of Omaha Beach: the 29th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army.

In what is widely considered one of the toughest, and bloodiest, invasions in America history, the 29th ID and their comrades pushed forward to crush the German defenses. Less than three days after their triumphant victory on Omaha Beach, the 29th Infantry Division was called upon to advance deeper into enemy territory and capture the town of Isigny. Advancing through the French hedgerows, the 29th ID proceeded to retake multiple key cities throughout Northern France, liberating the country from Nazi tyranny.

The war took the 29th through four campaigns: Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, and Central Europe; all of which pushed back the Nazi offensive, and paved the way for the Allied advance into Germany. During their tours, the 29th was recognized for their brave, valiant efforts by being awarded 40 Distinguished Service Cross, 11 Legion of Merit, 856 Silver Star, 25 Soldier Medal, 5,954 Bronze Star, and 176 Air Medal. During their campaigns, the unit captured nearly 39,000 Prisoners of War, a key objective in negotiating with enemy states.

“The Blue and Gray”, as the 29th ID is often referred to, comes from the unit’s seal, or insignia. A taijitu, or “yin yang”, of half blue and half gray represents the composition of the unit; which is composed of men from both the North (Union Blue) and the South (Confederate Gray). It represents eternal life, and the relentless drive of the 29th Infantry Division. The unit’s motivational saying is “Ever Forward”, which coincides with the idea of the insignia: Never giving up, never surrendering, always ahead.

The 29th Infantry Division is one of the most recognized units to fight during World War II on the side of the Allied Forces. Their bravery, tenacity, and brotherhood, is what encompasses the core idea of the United States Military. A soldier in the 29th Infantry Division is a proud one; always ready to fight, always ready to lead the way.

29, Let’s Go!

  History of Our Unit  

The 29th Infantry Division was activated on March 14, 2005 playing in both the The Trenches and Battle Grounds. The reputable 29th Infantry Division that stands before you today participates in the "realism" community of the Red Orchestra Modification, Darkest Hour: Normandy 1944, Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm, Arma 3, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and Squad.

Prior to August of 2008, the 29th Infantry Division was a unit within the Half-Life Modification, Day of Defeat. When the 29th started out in Day of Defeat, there were roughly 17 members, and almost half of them were inactive. Today, the 29th ID has come to be the largest Realism Unit with almost 300 members. Through training and discipline we've gotten to where we stand today. With new members, returning members, and even veteran members from nearly 6 years ago, we continue growing stronger by the day.

Basic Combat Training, or BCT, is one of the ways we accomplish training new unit members, Cadets, into respectable soldiers of the 29th Infantry Division. Our intricate and well organized office, Lighthouse, takes care of BCT and trains every soldier that enters the unit.

Because of Lighthouse and its efforts, our number are constantly growing. There are many other offices and ways to get involved in the unit; here in the 29th we don't simply "get by." Hundreds of individuals have put forth hundreds of hours building the foundation on which this unit stands today, and we are proud to call ourselves soldiers of the Fightin' 29th!


Milestones On Our Path To Where We Are Today


Creation of 29th Our Inception

Our journey started in 2005 in the game The Trenches and Battle Grouds as a small group setting the very first footprint in our path of history. It was founded by at the time Captain Pak. Later was taken over by Captain Radcliffe.



We completely moved to Day of Defeat and closed down the prior two companies. We closed down the company in the prior two games and stuck in one game each time we changed. This is where most of our roots can be traced back too today and here is where major changes took place to put in place the regulations that are still abided by today. These changes were brought on by another Company HQ level change during a transition from Captain Radcliffe to Captain Wilson in late 2006. He would then bring in the one game rule.



After DOD became dated we moved to the next hottest thing striving and alive as ever. We did another game change to darkest hour. We upgraded to Battalion size right away. We went from four platoons and one company into two platoons for two different comapnies each. So instead of just being a company we created a different company. We mainly utalized for for an eastern company and western company.



As new games came out that would be adequate for our needs we started to check out our options. We learned that there was a demand for a a realism unit such as ourself in the games Arma 3 and RO2/RS. After the decission was made to break our one game tradition, we swiftly transitioned into creating two new companies for the game, which is where Charlie and Baker were formed. Baker was no longer associated with Darkest Hour. We stayed in DOD and put all the platoons under one company that was called Able. That would leave dog company unattended which left to it being disbanded and ressurected later. We solved the time zone issue by making platoons dedicated to eastern and western personnel.


LTC Wheatley's Appointment Future Steps

There would soon be a huge change in the 29th, Lieutenent Colonel Wilson had to step down due to a lack of time a new battalion commander was appointed. After the previous Lt. Col.'s run of ten years LTC Wheatley had a lot to live up to. He had a good foundation and continued to help the 29th as it's new leader.



All good things come to an end at some point, as our previous games came to be dated it was time for another switch. New suitable games were found that meet our needs entirely and provided a platform for us to excell in. This is how we found our current homes in RS2: Vietnam and the tactical shooter Squad. It enabled modding and had all the core functionality for us to be able to run our drills. Shortly after this switch after we stabilized we shut down Able and Baker companies leaving Charlie company (Arma 3) and the newly created Dog (RS2:Vietnam) and Easy (Squad) companies.

  The Enlistment Process  

First, click the "ENLIST" button on the top-left of this web site. Follow the instructions on that page to complete your enlistment and post it in our forums. The process is very easy and explained in detail.

After it is posted, bookmark the enlistment and come back to check it in a few hours or the next day for a reply, explaining your schedule or requesting more information.

Then it is your responsibility to show up for Basic Training and learn while proving to us that your capable of handing [29th ID] tags on your name.

After you pass Basic Combat Training, you will be assigned a platoon and a squad, and be an official member of the 29th Infantry Division. The only thing stopping you after that is letting yourself go AWOL!

  Scrim Records  

Opponents   Date of engagement   Outcome

EP2 vs 7th Cavalry and 3rd Rangers   December 7th 2019   Victory

DBoTs I   December 5th 2019   DP2S2 Victory

EP1 vs 508th PIR & 3rd Rangers   November 9th 2019   Victory

EBoTs II   June to August 2019   EP2S2 Victory

EBoTs I   October to December 2018   EP2S1 Victory

DP2 vs DMC   August 12th 2018   Victory

CP2 vs 2MRB   November 4th and 11th 2017    Victory

AP3 vs. 352nd   April 29th 2017   Victory

BP1 vs 1st SS   April 23rd 2017   Victory

AP4 vs 352nd   October 15th 2016   Victory

BP3 vs 2.FJ   May-June 2016   Victory

BBotS RS 2016   May 28th 2016   AP3S1 Victory

BBotS A3 2016   May 21st 2016   CP2S1 Victory

BBotS DH 2016   May 14th 2016   BP1S1 Victory

AP1 vs 352nd & HSA   May 8th 2016   Victory

BP1 vs 2.FJ   April 24th 2016   Victory

BP3 vs 52nd ID   March 5th 2016   Victory

BP3 vs 6th DyW   October 4th 2015   Victory

AP3 vs 5.SS   May 25th 2015   Victory

BP2 vs 2.SS & Gr.559   March 15th 2015   Victory

BP1 vs PanzerLehr.901   August 18th 2014    Victory

BotS 2013   August to October 2013    CP1S3 Victory

DP1 vs 113th Cav   October 7th 2012   Victory

BotS 2012   June to July 2012    Victory

CP3 vs 113th Cav   May 26th 2012   Victory

AP1 vs 2.SS   May 18th 2012   Loss

BP1 vs 2.SS   April 15th 2012   Draw

CP1 vs 25th PzrGren   February 4th 2012   Victory

AP2 vs 113th Cav   November 12th 2011   Draw

BotS2010   March 28th 2010   AP1S2 Victory

CP2 vs 2.SS   August 31st 2009   Loss

BotS 2008   March 21st 2008   CP3S3 Victory

CP4 vs 35th ID   Febuary 29th 2008   Victory

CP2 vs 2nd RB    October 14th 2007   Victory

CP3 vs 26th ID   August 24th 2007   Victory

CP2 vs 1st Para   May 9th 2007   Victory

CP3 vs 2nd ID   April 7th 2007   Loss

CP1 vs 502nd PIR   26th July 2006   Victory

29th vs 10th MD   25th November 2005   Victory

29th vs 5.SS   5th September 2005   Victory

  Server Rules  

Rules of Our Servers

The 29th Infantry Division public servers are realism servers. This means that we try to keep gameplay as realistic as possible while still keeping things enjoyable.

1. Do not intentionally wound or kill your teammate.

2. Trolling, political discussions, or harassment of other players is not tolerated.

3. Spamming the mic and playing music over in-game comms is prohibited.

4. No hacking, glitching, or exploiting broken game mechanics.

5. Keep complaints and whining to a minimum.

6. Do not interrupt private drills.

7. Do not take role slots you are not familiar with.

8. Do not recruit for your own unit/clan in our servers.

9. Do not impersonate a 29th member.

10. Do not argue server rules in the server.

Report rule-breaking to the highest ranking 29th member present.

To dispute a ban, go to

Aditional Rules (Based on Game)


1. Do not camp enemy main.

2. Vehicles that require a crewman kit must be crewed by at least two players.

3. Minimum of two players are required for a squad to be locked.

4. All players must be actively part of a squad. AFK or unassigfned players will be removed.

5. Creating squads then promtly leaving or passing off leadership to others will result in a kick.

  How to donate  

Where do I go to donate donate?

You go here.

Why should you donate?

We thrive off your donations! Donations go towards the cost of upkeep of the unit along with any additional expenses that come us may it be tools for offices, etc. In return for your generosity, we have rewards for meeting goals and continued donations monthly! You can find these rewards here.

Where exactly does my money go?

100% of donations go to paying for 29th ID expenses:

○ Dedicated Game Server Machine $464.35/mo

- Arma 3 Company Server

- Arma 3 Platoon Server

- Arma 3 WWII Server

- Arma 3 Development Server

- RS2 New York #1 Territories/Supremacy

- RS2 New York #2 Campaign

- RS2 Euro Server

- RS2 Company Server

- RS2 Platoon Server

- Squad Public Server

- Squad Euro Public Server

- Squad Battalion Server

- Squad Company Server

- Squad Platoon Server

- Squad Squad Server

○ 200-Slot Teamspeak Server: $50.99/mo

○ Web Site: $21.90/mo

Monthly Total: $537.24

The current account balance and a ledger of all account transactions/donations can be viewed here.

Thank you. Your support is appreciated.


Before Enlisting

Q: Do I have to use my real name?
A: Most of us do, but you don't have to; however, we would like for you to pick a realistic last name, as long as it's not already used.
e.g. NOT Pvt. Suicidal J3di, instead Frank James is more what we are looking for.

Q: Do I need to have past gaming/realism experience in order to join the 29th?
A: No, we welcome players from all skill levels to join the ranks of the 29th. It's more about the attitude and dedication you show. The 29th will take care of training you.

Q: Does everyone need to go through Basic Combat Training?
A: Yes, every single member of the unit has gone through BCT - all the way up to the commander of the 29th - and every new member needs to complete it as well.

Q: What will I learn in BCT?
AA: The basics about realism gaming, the 29th, and the game you choose: Darkest Hour, Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2, Arma 3.

Q: Do I have to use my in-game name and tag all the time when playing DH?
A: In the 29th servers you must wear your name and tag at all times. Outside of the 29th servers it is not required, but it is recommended, as the 29th tag carries weight and respect.

Q: How long will it take to get my application processed?
A: If you fill out all the information asked, as detailed as possible, it will be accepted or denied within roughly 48 hours.

Q: Can I practice in the Platoon Server when it's empty?
A: No, you're only allowed on the Platoon Server during the times of BCT.

Q: Does the 29th use Teamspeak?
A: Yes, and it is open to the public. You may find the information here.

Q: How do I get my full name as my in-game name? I can't get my name to fit!
A: Drop down the console, type this command: set input KEY setname Pvt. Lastname [29th 301]
Replace KEY with any key that you wish to bind this command to, replace your name and TP number accordingly. Hit "enter" key, and close console. When You enter the server, hit that binded key, and you will have your full in-game name. For details on this, see this page.

During BCT

Remember to read the Cadet Handbook during BCT!

Q: Why can't I connect to the Platoon Server? I've been sitting in a black screen for over 15 mins now and can't attend my first day of BCT!
A: This is due to a name bug in the game. Disconnect from the black screen by pressing Esc or F10, change your in-game name to something short like "Pvt." and reconnect. Still, if you can't connect, contact someone online/in-game from your BCT's steamgroup.

Q: What is a steamgroup?
A: A steamgroup is a community in Steam. Anyone can create one of their own to stay in touch with friends, clanmates, people with the same interests etc. It has features like calendar, announcements, chat room etc.

Q: Where can I find my BCT's steamgroup and what is the purpose of it?
A: The direct link can be found from your enlistment post after a liaison's reply. You'll get notifications about when your BCT starts, you can easily contact your BCT buddies, liaisons, ask for help, anything!

Q: Where can I find the server password and ip?
A: All that information can be found at your enlistment post after a liaison has replied there.

Q: If I am the only player from the 29th on our company server, what do I do when someone breaks the rules?
A: Until you graduate, it is not your duty to enforce 29th rules on our servers. You can report troublemakers to your Enlistment Liaison by PM (Private Message) on the forums (nickname, server, time, description of problem).

Q: Can I just use any class available in DH, while being in the 29th?
A: As the rifle is the most common and most effective weapon in the game, all of our incoming soldiers learn its ins-and-outs. After graduating BCT, soldiers are given the opportunity to choose an AIT (Advanced Infantry Training) class such as the Machine Gun, the BAR, the Rifle, the Bazooka, etc. That said, you are restricted to the rifles (and the grenades, etc. that come with the rifle classes) at all times during BCT and until you are told otherwise by your squad leader.
Note: this only counts for the 29th servers. On any other server you are allowed to pick any class you want - but as many have noticed, the rifle isn't that bad a choice of weapon after all.

Q: Where can I find my BCT's steamgroup and what is the purpose of it?
A: The direct link can be found from your enlistment post after a liaison's reply. You'll get notifications about when your BCT starts, you can easily contact your BCT buddies, liaisons, ask for help, anything!

After BCT

For questions and answers after BCT, read the FM 21-100 or message your squad leader.