First Things First

There are a number of measures that you can take for yourself if something goes wrong with Red Orchestra, Darkest Hour, or Mare Nostrum. The steps listed below will solve the problem 80% of the time, so try these before reinstalling your game

Software Checks

  • In an Explorer window, right-click on each drive and select . Select the tab and click on Check off , then click . If it says that it can’t and asks if you want to schedule one for the next time you start your computer, say ‘Yes’. Once you have done this with each one of your hard drives, reboot your computer (if necessary) and let it check the drive(s).
  • Run Windows Update and see if any secondary update might apply to you.
  • Install the latest video drivers (nVidia/ATI) and DirectX.
  • Make sure to secure your system.
  • Update common runtimes. (Adding it as a nightly task will ensure that they are always kept up-to-date.)

Hardware Checks

  • Make sure that your surge protector is rated to at least 1500 Joules (3000 is better), and its protection light is still on.
  • To check for overheating components, do in-depth CPU and GPU tests with OCCT.
  • To check for failing RAM, download, burn, then boot an Ubuntu LiveCD, then run the memory check on the first menu. After it is finished, start up Ubuntu itself and see how stable your system is.

RO/DH/MN Specifics

  • Delete or if it exists.
  • Validate RO/DH/MN by clicking on these links:

Red Orchestra
Darkest Hour
Mare Nostrum

  • Shut down Steam, then delete all of the files (NOT FOLDERS UNLESS SPECIFICALLY TOLD TO BY A TECH!!!) in the Steam folder except for . Restart Steam and see if the problems have been solved.
  • If that doesn’t work, temporarily rename to (or w/e) to trigger the creation of a factory default version.
  • If that doesn’t work, temporarily rename to (or w/e) to trigger the creation of a factory default version.
  • If that doesn’t work, post a help request in the Medical Office, containing your using this:

[collapsible=Click Here to Expand]This is the content that pops out when you click on the title[/collapsible]

Keyboard Movement Lag

Some users have described a “movement lag” that involves pressing a movement button and experiencing a delay before your player actually moves, or your player continuing to move for a short time after you let go of the movement key (greater delay than a realistic stop). Following the instructions in the Decrease Load Times tutorial helps eliminate keyboard movement lag.

In addition, background services such as Avast Antivirus or other CPU hogs are known to cause keyboard lag. To check your background services, press [CTRL] + [ALT] + [DEL] to start the Task Manager (In Windows Vista, you will have to click Start Task Manager after pressing those keys).

Select the Processes tab at the top to view what processes are running in the background. This window also displays how much memory and CPU is being used by each process. Clicking on a process and clicking the End Process button will end the process, but you should consult someone in the Medical Office before ending a process with a name you do not recognise.

Video Problems

Sometimes a problem is serious enough that you can’t even start DH up, so the video driver needs to be changed manually.

Open up in Notepad. (Immediately save a copy as , in case something goes wrong.) You will see a section that starts with this: that contains these lines:

Each line that has a semicolon in front of it has been commented out (i.e. turned from a command to a line that the program ignores). The single line without one is the currently used driver. To switch video drivers, simply remove the semicolon from one of the other lines that start with and place one in front of the current one that doesn’t. It is very important that only one line is uncommented; no more, no less. There are also other lines that start with , but don’t try to uncomment them.

Save the file and try to restart DH. If it won’t start up, try a different driver.

Karma Crash

This bug causes a crash very frequently - on some maps with many players, even once every 15 minutes or so. The game closes and gives the following error:

General protection fault!

History: KBodyGetActor <- BodyGetDoubleRate <- KBuildPartitions <- KWorldStepSafeTime <- KTickLevelKarma <-
TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=3) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- Level D-Day 0830hrs -
Brécourt Manoir <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop <- FMallocWindows::Free <- FMallocWindows::Realloc <- 0012FEF8 0
FArray <- FArray::Realloc <- 0*2 <- FMallocWindows::Free

This is fixed by editing your main files. You can download an automatic patch or do it manually, as described below.

  1. Find your file and open it in Notepad. It is located in your DarkestHour System folder.
  2. Scroll down to the section and notice the first line, . You will need to change the number 32 to coordinate with the amount of RAM you have.
    1. If you have 256MB of RAM or less,
    2. If you have 512MB of RAM,
    3. If you have 768MB of RAM,
    4. If you have 1GB of RAM or More,
  3. Scroll down to the section and locate the line that reads . Change this to .
  4. Scroll down to the section and match the first few lines to these:
  5. Browse to your Red Orchestra System folder and open in notepad. Repeat Steps 2-4 on this file (just in case, as the author put it).

Memory Crash

Certain maps (like DogGreen) use a lot more memory than others, and can cause the engine to attempt to use up more than is available Olson: To be finished

Sound Crash

This bug causes you to crash as you before you get to the menu of the game, providing the below error message:

General protection fault!

History: alcOpenDevice <- UALAudioSubsystem::Init <- UEngine::InitAudio <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine
<- FMallocWindows::Free <- FMallocWindows::Free

This problem can be fixed with the below solution. If you are not experiencing this problem, there is no need to apply this fix.

  1. Find your file and open it in Notepad. It is located in your DarkestHour System folder.
  2. Scroll down to the section and locate the line that reads . Change this to .

“Failed to load ‘Entry’: Can’t find file ‘Entry’”

  1. Delete then revalidate your DH cache.
  2. Open up the following files in Notepad, and change (|) every instance of DarkestHourDev with DarkestHour.