How to Get Your ROID

ROID is short for Red Orchestra ID, and is a 17-18 digit number that is unique to your steam account. ROIDs are used to give admin privileges, to ban players, etc.

Method 1

Step 1: Open your Steam Community Profile window by clicking here
Step 2: Right-click anywhere on the page that pops up and click Copy Page URL
Step 3: Paste it in the text box below (Right-Click > Paste) and click Go

Method 2

The Steam Community uses a common protocol called Open ID, where you can login on their web site and they will send us back your ROID.
They do not send us anything other than your ROID. Click here for proof.
To use this method, click this button:

Note the address bar at the top of your browser after you click the button - you'll be on Steam's web site. They do not send us your login details.