CORDS, or Close Order Rifle Drill is a short ceremonial drill. It is used both as a demonstration of respect towards other units or high ranking members and a way of maintaining discipline within the unit.

Close Order Rifle Drills are always performed when lined up and starting from the position of attention. The M1 Garand is always used.

There are seven basic commands that make up CORDs. This list should be memorized, and you will have to know what they mean at Basic Combat Training when you practice them.

1. Attention - Grenades out, facing forward.

2. Present Arms - Rifles out, facing forward.

3. Ready - Reload

4. Aim - Look 45 degrees up, sight in, look 45 degrees left. Done in exactly 5 seconds.

5. Fire - Wait for one second, then fire one round (Count “one one thousand” then fire). This is repeated until rounds are depleted.

6. Order Arms - Look 45 degrees right, sight out, look 45 degrees down. Done in exactly 5 seconds.

7. Parade Rest - Grenades out, facing forward.