Your actions towards public players in our server and on our forums reflects the actions of all 29th members, and can define their opinion of the 29th as a whole. Use courtesy and have patience when dealing with ‘pubbers.’

  • Public players are expected to follow our Server Rules
  • All 29th members are expected to help enforce our rules when they are the highest rank present and no one else is already dealing with the problem.
  • If you want a public player to do something, always ask with the word “please”. At least the first time.
  • Do not get in to arguments with public players, even if you are correct you will look foolish.
  • Do not threaten public players. If you do not have admin you will look foolish if you cannot follow through.
  • If a public player will not follow our rules get in contact with a MP or someone with admin powers.
  • Never publicly comment on any admin usage you observe in game.
  • Never accuse a player of cheating or hacking in public, if you seriously suspect someone of this, get in contact with a MP.
  • If a MP, or any other 29th member is addressing a public player about rules, do not join in and “Gang up” on them.
  • If a senior rank begins to talk to a public player when you trying to enforce rules, your job is finished. Steam message the Senior rank if you need to provide information.
  • Be polite when recruiting. Do not spam comms, do not discuss any private details and try to get a steam message to your potential recruit.
  • As a 29th member, you will be expected to act in a certain manner. Do not allow frustration or anger make you lower yourself.
  • When asking public players to leave a private server, refer them to our public server or let them know when they can return. You could even suggest they enlist so they don’t have to leave in the future.