After you find out what platoon and squad you are in, remember what the shortened version of it is. Believe it or not, hardly anyone verbally says “Charlie Company’s Third Platoon’s Second Squad” - they say “CP3S2” (The C stands for Charlie Company, the P for Platoon and the S for Squad).

Every week, you are expected to attend two drills: Platoon Drills and Squad Drills. There is a third and non-mandatory drill at company level, this is called “Company Drills”. Company drills are not mandatory but HIGHLY encouraged that you attend. To find your drills, you first click on the personnel tab at the top of the forums.

A small drop down box will appear and within this box there will be a link saying Calendar. This will take you to the calendar for the 29th. This lists every drill or event we have going on. The drills you are assigned to go to (Squad Drills, Platoon Drills and Company Drills) are green, all other events or drills are blue.

If you have to miss a drill, it is understandable. Follow Need to Miss Drills? to post a leave of absence.

If you do not post a LOA this way, you will be listed as AWOL (Absent Without Leave). Being listed as AWOL three or more times per month will make you eligible for discharge.

You will notice that your drills occur the same day each week. Memorize this schedule as you are expected to be at drills each week.

NOTE: If this drill schedule does not work for you, Contact Your Squad Leader. There are many different schedules and you can be transferred to one that does work for you. Our Calendar will show all the scheduled drills for all the companies, platoons and squads.