One to seven days after your Training Platoon graduates, you will be assigned to a squad and be able to view private 29th forums. Once you can see the private 29th forums, you will see two new areas above the Civilian Headquarters. These two new areas will say “First Battalion” and below that will be your company forum. Below the company forum, there will be a platoon forum. Within the platoon forum, there will be a squad forum. That is the squad you are assigned to.

In addition, you may be interested in finding your Training Platoon’s graduation post, which lists all awards given out and warm welcomes from fellow 29th members. To find this post, go to the forum marked Promotions and Awards and look at the recent threads at the top. The sought-out thread will contain your Training Platoon number in its title. For example, the 505th Training Platoon’s thread will be entitled “505th Training Platoon”. (Your TP is the number that was placed in your tag, ie. [29th 505].)

Note: More than likely, your squad leader will personally send you a welcoming Private Message (PM) on the forums. To access your PM’s, click Inbox on the top navigation bar of the forums. In this PM, he will introduce you to the squad and encourage you to ask any questions you may have - feel free to reply.