A lot of things happen in the 29th, and it requires a lot of work. This work does not get done by just one person, or even a few. Many 29ers have a Staff Position in the unit, ranging from clerical work to the Drill Instructors who taught you to be a 29er. These jobs are open to you, too, and we encourage you to lend a hand and get more involved in the unit. Needless to say, your involvement factors in when promotion time comes.

To find job openings, browse to the Battalion Support Staff forum:


In this forum, you will see a list of open positions. By clicking the position, you will find its description and how to apply for it. To see all the staff positions and who currently holds them, see Staff from Personnel page.

After applying, the head of that specific office may get back to you about how to get started. If he doesn’t, try applying for something else. Getting a staff position in the unit is a great way to prove your abilities both to the head of the office and to your Squad Leader.