Completing your training with a weapon is both a goal and a learning process in the 29th Infantry Division. This section will explain the training process, why it is important, and how to start.

The Goal

For many years, the overall goal in the 29th Infantry Division, toward which every function of it pushes, is to win in official scrimmages (against other units). Meeting such a goal clearly requires certain standards that scrimmage participants must meet before-hand. These standards are contained in two badges - the EIB and the AQB - which it will be your goal to work towards.

The Expert Infantry Badge (EIB) deals with overall infantry combat ability, such as your ability to work with your squad effectively in a scrimmage. As such, the EIB applies to all weapons trained with. All enlisted infantry personnel must have the EIB to participate in a scrimmage.

The Arms Qualification Badge (AQB) shows your proficiency with a specific weapon. It is awarded in 3 levels: Marksman, Sharpshooter and Expert. All enlisted personnel must have an AQB (at least Marksman) with the weapon you will be using in the scrimmage in order to participate.

The Process

We do not stick a weapon in your hands and tell you to earn the EIB and AQB on your own; on the contrary, we work with you to help you reach these goals through a process called Advanced Infantry Training (AIT). This is normally conducted by your Squad Leader or Platoon Sergeant, and consists of tips, practice, scenario exercises and numerous other activities which vary from trainer to trainer.

AIT is normally conducted at drills - namely smaller ones such as Platoon or Squad drills. In addition, your Platoon or Company may hold classes from time to time, where, for example, an ‘Expert’ badge recipient with the rifle will hold classes to help you get better with your rifle skills.


With AIT under way, your goal of qualifying for your EIB and AQB will be in mind. ‘Qualifying’ is determined by you meeting a series of qualification criteria for each badge. This criteria can be found in your Personnel File.

By clicking ‘Qualifications’ tab Personnel File, you will see a row of the EIB and weapons. Your Squad Leader or Platoon Sergeant has the ability to update this ‘checklist’ when you meet a certain criterion. When all criteria for a specific badge are met, you will be awarded the badge in drills and it will be posted on the forums.

How to Start

Your Squad Leader will likely contact you about starting AIT soon, and tell you which weapons are available for training.

While the Submachine Gun is normally reserved for Squad Leaders and above, if you donate $20 or more to our servers, you will be permitted to train with it at any rank.