If a soldier in the 29th ID wishes to transfer to a different company in the unit in order to change his primary game, he shall send a PM to his ASL/SL via the forums requesting a transfer to that specific company along with his current availability to make drills. This information is then passed up the member’s CoC to his Company Commander who will then contact the new company’s Company Commander via PM to discuss a transfer.

Let it be noted, attendance and disciplinary record will be taken into account when reviewing a transfer. Company HQ reserves the right to deny any transfer. In addition, soldier should remember that loss of AIT, rank, or position may be necessary upon transfer.


No voluntary transfer will be granted for a soldier who has received a disciplinary demerit in the last 30 days.

Transfers into a platoon slated to be officially deployed will be suspended prior to the announcement of the scrimmage.

Transfers into a company preparing for an intra-company tournament such as “BOTS” will be suspended prior to the announcement of the event.

A soldier may not request more than one voluntary transfer in a 90 day period.

A soldier may not request a specific squad when transferring between companies, placement will be based on availability and company needs.


Required Reading: Transfers in Battalion Announcments