Any soldier ranked Private, First Class or above may request to use any weapon in the game (including tanks) in public play. The decision can be made by any present platoon leadership or above member. The highest ranking member in the server (who is platoon leadership or above) is still admin, and thus has the call.

The procedure for asking is to use ‘PTU’ (Permission to use) and the name of the class in all chat (global) at all times (during drills and pubplay)
“2Lt. Doe, PTU Officer Class?”

The decision (granted or denied) shall be valid until the player who requested it leaves the server. Please note that not every request shall be granted.

Permission to Use (PTU) is a privilege granted to members who have obtained at least the rank of Private, First Class. Privates are NEVER to be granted a PTU. In addition, Permission to Use may only be granted by a member of Platoon leadership or higher, and never by a clerk.

In terms of weapons usage in a closed drill, the drill leader may assign someone to a specific weapon, regardless of rank. In this case, the leader is assigning someone for the purpose of the drill, the member is not requesting usage of the weapon and therefore, this action does not constitute a PTU thus allowing drill leaders to assign weapons to Privates if the need should arise. As mentioned earlier, Squad Leadership does not have the authority to grant a PTU under any circumstance.