• What are the reserves?
  • The Reserves are a platoon set aside from the companies that exists to allow 29th members who cannot attend regular drills to remain in the 29th. Members of the reserve platoon cannot commit to drill times but show their commitment in other ways.
  • What commitments are those?
  • It could be anything from running events through the Operations Office, to creating and editing maps with the Engineer office, or even simply recruiting. The ways that someone can contribute to the 29th are almost innumerable; new ways to show commitment are routinely being created.
  • Who qualifies for the Reserves?
  • I’m certain many of you have seen one of your squad members (or have personal experience) where that person can no longer commit to making the 29th drill schedule and no transfer to another squad is possible. Most of the time that leads to an Honorable Discharge. The new Reserves hopes to solve this. Any 29th member who has at least three months of service and who occupies an essential position may apply for a position in the Reserves.
  • Can retired members join the reserves?
  • Yes, former members may reenlist for a reserve position.
  • What about rank/AIT/attending 29th events? What are the benefits of the Reserves?’’’
  • A complex question with a moderately complex answer. The main benefit of joining the Reserves is the ability to continue your progression in the 29th without the need for a discharge.

:; Rank

    • Reserves are a support platoon. As such, there will be no leadership positions available. Essentially, all reservists will be enlisted men and technicians. As a Pvt or a PFC, nothing changes for you. As an NCO, that means converting to the nearest technician rank. On the other hand, this creates new opportunities for everyone to work their way up the ranks of the 29th through the technician system. Reservists will qualify for promotion up to a maximum T/3 through their contributions to the unit.

:; AIT

    • Weapons restrictions will still apply and will be based on rank. Reservists will still be able to be in AIT and earn checkmarks. Reservists will work with the Chief Reservist to work out training methods for the AIT and game in quest[u]ion.

:; 29th Events

    • Reservists can attend and participate in any and all 29th events (including drills, Operation Events, and OC[b]S scrims).
  • I am one of the people who may need to discharge but I would rather join the Reserves, how do I sign up?’’’
  • Contact your Squad Leader with the details!
  • Can you transfer back to your old squad after being in reserves?’’’
  • Yes, once you can make drill times you can ask to be transferred back to active duty. Rank/position will be decided by the Company/Platoon/Squad you transfer to.