Rules for Drills


  • You are required to Salute any time you join or leave a server with an officer present. Additionally you are required to salute any time an officer joins the server you are in.

Permission to Speak (PTS):

  • You are required to request Permission to Speak primarily during the brief or debrief, official meetings or functions. A good rule of thumb is when a drill leader is talking you should be using PTS to speak. Additionally unless individually prompted to ask or answer a question, you should PTS.

AIT use: There are a few ways that a member can have permission to use an AIT:

  • 1) Be assigned to that AIT
  • 2) Have a Marksman badge or higher for that AIT from any game
  • 3) Be a member of leadership
  • 4) Have a weapons pass
  • 5) Have a PTU approved for the AIT Priority for AITs goes to the AIT holders due to the fact that it is their job to get good with their AIT.

Permission to Use (PTU):

  • PTU is for PFC or higher to request to use an AIT they do not have access to. Members with a Rifle Sharpshooter badge can additionally PTU the Sniper AIT. PTUs are typically granted sparingly for good reason, it is not for a member to just use whatever AIT they wish. Members that hold the AIT get priority over PTUs to use that AIT.

Permission to Leave (PTL):

  • In order to leave a drill before being dismissed by the drill leader, a member must have their PTL approved. This is done through the All/Public chat in game.

Rules regarding Behavior

Teamspeak: The 29th only has a few set rules regarding Teamspeak, however it is expected that all members conduct themselves appropriately. This means that conversations should be generally appropriate and above all else not offensive. It is expected that if someone has a problem with a conversations content or a members TS conduct then it will be immediately corrected. As for set rules they are:

  • Away messages are not permitted
  • Disconnecting messages are not permitted
  • Your name must be your last name
  • Your TS Avatar must be appropriate and avoid profanities