In the 29th, we strive to be the best in what we do. We work hard to play well, create a strong community, and have fun. In our goal to be the best, we expect the highest levels of professionalism from our members. We certainly don’t feel that this expectation is unreasonable or hard to reach, but time and time again we are reminded of the prowess of fools. Particularly in TeamSpeak, there have been a number of incidents that indicate a total lack of professionalism that require Headquarters to take immediate action.

Moving forward, the following expectations are laid out and will be enforced:

  1. You are expected to address ranking members by their rank at all times. This isn’t actually a new rule, but people tend to conveniently forget this one. Familiarity does not warrant you ignoring the rank of another member, especially in front of other members.
  2. In addition, all members should be acting their rank at all times. Obviously all of you are held to the same high professionalism standards, but holding a higher rank also means yet higher standards. If you expect to keep your rank, we expect you to behave like you deserve it.
  3. If you have the unique privilege of being able to create TeamSpeak channels, you will no longer abuse this power to create dumb temporary channels. If you want to create a quick “Office” so that you can have a meeting and people will know not to join, go for it. If you want to make a “Secret hideout” or “playing X game” channel, let me know so I can revoke your TS admin. There are 50+ TS channels where you can go to hang out, so use them.
  4. Any and all custom disconnect messages must be removed. I’m sorry if your message was just “see you later”. Talk to the guy who had “6969 fags” or just spammed random garbage if you want to express grievances.
  5. If you are going “away” for any reason, disconnect, hit the “Away” button, or move yourself to the “idle” channel at the bottom of the channel listing. Changing your name to include an away message like “Getting Coffee” or “Be Right Back” or whatever else you might be doing is strictly forbidden. It is no ones concern where you are when you are away and it looks completely unprofessional.
  6. If you will be expelling any bodily gas someone might find inappropriate during your time in TeamSpeak, keep it to yourself and keep your microphone turned off. Intentional misuse of bodily functions (including using your voice to be disruptive) will not be tolerated and will result in you being forced to use PTT at all times.


Teamspeak Professionalism by MSgt. Conrad

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