More than anything, the 29th Infantry Division is a realism unit with a history stretching back all the way to the original Day of Defeat. Over the span of nearly two decades the unit has spread from one game to the next, diversifying and growing in size and scope with every passing year. As one of the premier realism units in all three games we currently inhabit, the 29th strives to conduct itself in a professional and organized manner while maintaining a strong, tight-knit community.

Among the astute and the knowledgeable, the 29th Infantry Division can be recognized as a historical and contemporary unit of the United States Army and Army Reserve dating back to World War I. Our incarnation takes the form reminiscent of the 29th of World War II and, accordingly, a number of ranks, traditions, and awards are inherited from this intentional lineage. As such, much of the unit's organization is based around these World War II equivalents despite the more modern settings of the games we currently have Companies in.

Upon enlistment, recruits will enter basic training for a period of five consecutive days where knowledgeable and effective Drill Instructors will mold their charges into the ideal 29ther. Upon proving oneself adequate as "29th Material" and passing the 29th BCT course, a new recruit will be promoted to the rank of Private and be assigned to a squad to begin their career within the 29th.

Each 29th member will be expected to attend two mandatory drills, assigned to them on a permanent basis based on their squad and platoon assignments, within the game that their Company belongs. Public servers can be found in each game, open to both 29th members and to the public.

If even an instant of increased blood pressure or racing heart beat occured upon reading any of the above, then you have heard the call of the 29th. Stall no longer, brave patriot, and enlist in the 29th Infantry Division today!