Welcome to the 29th Infantry Division.

We are a realism unit, based on the US military system of ranks, command, and strategy.

You are here because you wish to enlist in the 29th Infantry Division. We are looking for dedicated, mature soldiers willing to put time and effort into bettering their skills and strategy for the unit.

Those wishing to enlist with the 29th Infantry Division must first understand the following:

We do not care about your in-game skill

Our Basic Training program will teach you all the skills you need to know to get by in a realism scrimmage. After Basic Training, our AIT program will teach you enough about your weapon to make you much better at the game. Some of the worst players in Darkest Hour have turned into some of the best riflemen after two or three weeks in the 29th.

You might get yelled at

This is just a game, but we provide a realistic experience for everyone that turns out quite enjoyable. If in Basic Training you are wondering why someone is yelling at you, don't take it personally - it's their job. Just turn on Full Metal Jacket and be thankful that Gunnery Sergeant Hartman isn't your Drill Sergeant.

Our schedule is easy

Some get overwhelmed when they find out the Basic Training schedule - realize that we understand if you cannot attend a day or two, but that we ask you to attend as many as possible. More importantly, after Basic, your schedule is roughly two hours per week -- and you can miss those if something comes up! There are so many different drill times that we can always work something out to fit your schedule.

We focus on one weapon at a time

All of our soldiers are trained with their specialty weapon. As we are an Infantry Battalion, most of our members are Riflemen - and very good ones. Each cadet starts out using only rifles to develop a solid rifleman foundation. After Basic Training, you can be placed in training for a different weapon or stick with rifle training.


Here's how enlisting works:

  1. Create an account on our forums
  2. Confirm your email address by clicking the link in the registration email
  3. While logged in, fill out an enlistment form
  4. Bookmark the page you're taken to when it's posted and check back tomorrow for a response