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The 29th Infantry Division is a realism unit spread throughout multiple games in multiple time periods. Each game is supported separately by different companies while serving under the same Battalion so that all games and soldiers function individually and as all whole.



For those units interested in organizing, inviting, and/or attending events alongside the 29th such as official scrimmages, all queries may be directed to Community Contact representatives. They can be found below. We prefer that you start with making a post in the boards linked corresponding to your game but if you need to last resort contact them make sure to contact the people that also correspond to your game.

Arma 3 [ ]

Name Steam Profile Forum Profile
Cpt. Hill
FSgt. Balzer
WO1 Stray

RS2 [ ]

Name Steam Profile Forum Profile
FSgt. Cyr
WO1 Bruneau

Squad [ ]

Name Steam Profile Forum Profile
1Lt. Fritz
TSgt. Dethfield
Sgt. Furie
Cpl. Newton