One-time donation

Recurring donation

After you donate:

Please send a PM to 2Lt. Griffin, Chief Finance Officer, with the email address you used to donate, so that your donation can be identified as coming from you.

Why should you donate?

We thrive off your donations! Donations go towards the cost of upkeep of the unit along with any additional expenses that come us may it be tools for offices, etc. In return for your generosity, we have rewards for meeting goals and continued donations monthly! You can find these rewards here.

Where exactly does my money go?

100% of donations go to paying for 29th ID expenses:

  • Dedicated Game Server Machine $464.35/mo
    • Arma 3 Company Server
    • Arma 3 Platoon Server
    • Arma 3 WWII Server
    • Arma 3 Development Server
    • RS2 New York #1 Territories/Supremacy
    • RS2 New York #2 Campaign
    • RS2 Euro Server
    • RS2 Company Server
    • RS2 Platoon Server
    • Squad Public Server
    • Squad Euro Public Server
    • Squad Battalion Server
    • Squad Company Server
    • Squad Platoon Server
    • Squad Squad Server
  • 200-Slot Teamspeak Server: $50.99/mo
  • Web Site: $21.90/mo

Monthly Total: $537.24

The current account balance and a ledger of all account transactions/donations can be viewed here.

Thank you. Your support is appreciated.