Server rules

The 29th Infantry Division public servers are realism servers. This means that we try to keep gameplay as realistic as possible while still keeping things enjoyable.

  • Do not intentionally wound or kill your teammate.
  • Trolling, political discussions, or harassment of other players is not tolerated.
  • Spamming the mic and playing music over in-game comms is prohibited.
  • No hacking, glitching, or exploiting broken game mechanics.
  • Keep complaints and whining to a minimum.
  • Do not interrupt private drills.
  • Do not take role slots you are not familiar with.
  • Do not recruit for your own unit/clan in our servers.
  • Do not impersonate a 29th member.
  • Do not argue server rules in the server.

Report rule-breaking to the highest ranking 29th member present.

To dispute a ban, go to

Aditional Rules for Squad

  • Do not camp enemy main.
  • Vehicles that require a crewman kit must be crewed by at least two players.
  • Minimum of two players are required for a squad to be locked.
  • All players must be actively part of a squad. AFK or unassigfned players will be removed.
  • Creating squads then promtly leaving or passing off leadership to others will result in a kick.